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giving shape to April 28, 2010

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wind: air unseen

giving shape to

clouds: water suspended

giving shape to

colors: born of a sunrise

giving shape to

fancies and faeries

of so many daydreams




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a hand

giving shape to

another hand

giving shape to

a five year old

giving shape to

a conversation

giving shape to

a smile

giving shape to

a laugh

giving shape to

a heart

bursting with love.



Audience of one April 26, 2010

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Walking on cloudless night, I turned my head

And saw streaking through the sky

A blazing fire of white.

It lit up the darkness and turned night to day

But I knew when I saw it, that it was meant only for me.

“Witness the beauty of my creation” whispered in my head.

I was His audience of one.


I cried as the love of God filled my soul.

All for me.


.                      Matchless


.                                                Infinite



Audience of One

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it had been a very bad day.

it took only one









Audience of One April 25, 2010

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“I’m a letter writer,” I protest. “Not a novelist.”

“So?” says T. “Write letters.”

“But I write letters only my mother would read.”

“So write to your mother.

Others can read over her shoulder.”

“I’m an occasional gardener,” say I. “Not constant.”

“So write to your green-thumbed dad:

‘Letters from an occasional gardener,'” says she.

And so began my anthology, Audience of One:

“Letters only my mother would read,”

“The occasional gardener,” and

“Tuesdays with Tammy”



audience of one

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the picture is close, just me


the song is merely one line


the vignette so small, only

one player

and yet

it is all enough

for my

audience of one




Just a little diddy having nothing to do with delicious phrases. April 24, 2010

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It was a bright and sunny day
and though I was content
I knew the dreadful day was coming
in a thick white envelope was coming
the tax man was a coming
with a statement to shatter us all.